Monday, 22 August 2011

Nothing Like The Movies ;)

drake and nicki where walking out of the club '' you coming to mine then nic ''

drake !!!!! tina from the club and drakes date omg they is a big present wayne and baby are giving you come on
she grabbed drakes hand '' nicki........ tina pulled drake he couldnt stop her '' nic come on ......nicki was standing there

drake had been taken away once again

ring ring

drake - nicki am going out of the club they bought me a car haha

nicki - ahha wow really well drake am going home now....... am near so

drake - am coming over

nicki - no i will see you tommrow drake come to mine for breakfast

drake - rember the last time you made breakfast mmm oh well what about this bonner i have right now for you

nicki - mmmmmm drake

drake - come on nicki you know you want this  yo have missed it

nicki - oh yes i have drizzy ...but s.b is up stairs alsleep though

drake - we will go in your studio its sound proof right

nicki - haha i dont wanna fuck in the studio your so romantic drake ! how about you come over to mone for movie night

drake - oh for real

nicki - yeahhh am tired baby see you in the morning sexy

drake - ooo damn girl i need you so much i will be there before you wake up

nicki - night sexy

drake - mmm night baby

the next morning nicki woke up knowing drake would be hear soon she wanted to look her best for her man after the fight nicki

 knew she couldn't be away from drake she loved him so much nicki jumped in the shower ... she didnt know what to wear for

drake she picked out a dress ...ring ring...''drake what are you wearing ?? '' haah joggers and a top ahah why what you

wearing '' do you really have to make everything dirty '' yes i do ahha just wear a thong  and tight t shirt haah am coming

 over soon babe '' ok drizzyyy bye bye ..nicki grabbed a black thong and just had her bra on and a hoddie ...she looked

prefect her hair was curly and she had light make up on ....drkae knocked on the door and came in he couldn't keep his hands

 off nicki '' you look fucking sexyy !! '' mm thanks so do you

"Hey," he said gently, and kissed her forehead. nicki closed her eyes and leaned back again, and drake wrapped an arm around

 her waist.  drake leaning back against the couch, and her sitting against him between his legs. "What do you want to watch?

" drake asked. "Should we take advantage of On Demand, and pick a good movie?"

"Only if it's a good dirty movie," she replied. drake grinned down at her head and switched the channel.

"Hmm," he said, "doesn't look like there's much on.... Maybe on the HBO late night list?" nicki hummed her assent, idly

 stroked his bare arm. She loved how it felt under her fingers..... theres fuck all on nicki damnitt !!

haha its ok drake we can just talk she winked you want your birthday present ?? '' mm yeah i do !!

drake moved the arm around her waist to cup her breast through her shirt. They were so perfect she  was always complaining

that she looked disproportional because she was smaller on top than on the bottom

. He put the remote control down and began playing with her other nipple through her shirt.

nicki began breathing hard, her head tipped back against drakes's shoulder. Her breasts were always sensitive, and having

 both nipples stimulated at once always made her uncontrollably horny. She arched her back, pushing her breasts into his

 hands, and gripped his thighs with her own hands, kneading them. drake slid his hands down her body, while she mewled her

 protests, but he only went as far as her thighs, where he grabbed the edge of her hoddie and pulled the zip down Now nicki

 was nearly naked in his lap, wearing what he recognized as a black thong, which she knew he loved.'' mmmm nicki

drake was squeezing her nipples lightly between his fingers, each pinch and tug making her crotch tingle. She knew she was

 wet; she could feel the moisture seeping out, and moving her legs made the slick, swollen lips rub against each other,

sending shivers through her limbs. drake cupped her breasts and rolled her hard nipples with his thumbs, while he kissed her

 ear and neck.

"Oh God," she moaned. "drake baby , I'm so wet..."

 '' nicki your so hot this is the best late birthday present ever !! mmmmmm

drake trailed his right hand down her side until he reached her hip, where the thin satiny strap of her thong held the small

swatch of fabric that covered her. He ran his fingers along the strap until he reached the front, and rubbed her through the

fabric, lightly running his fingers over the swollen, sensitized lips, all the while playing with her nipple. nicki

writhed, and when he delved into her panties to reach his true destination, she arched her back, grinding her ass against his

crotch. drake felt his cock stirring at the feeling, and he ran his fingers up and down nicki's clit, before moving lower,

toward her entrance. God, she was wet. He pressed in slightly, and moved back upwards toward her clit, trailing her wetness

after his fingers.

He circled her clit with his fingers, spreading her juices, before he began rubbing the tip of the swollen nub. He pinched it

 lightly, before the wetness forced the swollen clit to slip out from between his fingers. nicki cried out '' GODD DRAKEE !!.

 She turned

 around and, facing him, pushed drake down so that he was lying flat on the ground. She followed him down, kissing his face

 and neck, before hungrily licking and kissing his mouth. drake ran his hands up and down her body as she held herself

him, reaching down to give her bare ass cheeks a squeeze.

drake turned herself around again, this time on all fours. She wanted to get to his penis before it got too hard. She knelt

 over him, her head over drake's groin, fumbling with his belt buckle and fly before finally pulling his  cock out.

 It was hot in her hands, the skin velvety soft. A clear drop of precum had squeezed out of the tip, and she lowered her

mouth to lick it off. drake began rubbing her thighs, on either side of his head, before reaching up to cup her ass '' babe

this is the best ass in the world haah . nicki

took that as a go ahead, and dropped her head, taking his cock into her warm, welcoming mouth.

drake lay back and groaned as she opened his pants and pulled out his cock. "Aah...nicki..." he breathed. "Yessss....suck it baby

." He knew she loved feeling it harden in her mouth, and loved the taste of his salty precum. He looked up at her i love

you nicki '' i love you too drake mmm moaning in his ear

Finally he couldn't take it anymore. Growling, drake sat up, grabbed her hips and slammed her down in one motion. Even

through the haze of sexual satisfaction he felt at being fully seated inside her, he enjoyed watching nicki back arch in

front of him, that smooth furrow that girls seemed to get naturally, drake was panting as he pumped her hips, feeling himself

push into her over and over again. When he felt nicki's fingers brushing his chest, he knew he was close to cumming.

"NI--CKII BABEE !!! ... I'm gonna...I'm..." he gasped Yes DRIIZZYY DRAKEEEE, yessss...." nicki tried to move her hips faster,

but he gripped her hips, sitting her back in his lap.

nicki - godd drake i love youu

drake - that is the best birthday present i have ever got !!

nicki looked at drake '' who said its over she winked come here noww drake walked over to her

She could feel him, so deep inside, and she felt so helpless just kneeling there and taking it. She countered his motion by

 thrusting her hips back at him, so that each thrust really was an impact, her ass smacking back against him as he invaded

her. A low guttural cry escaped her as the friction became too much, and her elbows gave out. drake continued to drive his

cock into her, pushing so hard that she was soon lying flat on the ground, and he was levering his hips up and down for each

 thrust. nicki began screaming.

"Aaahhh! drakkkeeee ! Oh...oh....faster! hardderrrr AAAH!" drake really worked her, pummeling her with his penis. This

position had him

 driving directly against her G-spot. It was most sensitive to repeated pressure, and his thrusting undeniably 'hit the

spot'.'' it time for DRIZZY STOKE BABY ...1 ..''2......33333333

"DRAKK !! DRakeee !" nicki screamed hoarsely. Her hands were gripping the carpet, her forehead pressed against the ground as

 her chest heaved. The sensation between her legs was overwhelming and she gulped air between cries. She was moaning

continually with the last few strokes, and her legs began to spasm as she came.

nici  I'm...c-cummingg.....unh...ah..ah..." drake felt his balls tightening and he pushed a few more hard strokes, feeling

her tighten and convulse around his penis, and he spurted his hot sperm into her. He gripped her hips and arched into nicki

with the last surge of his orgasm, before rolling off her.

drake - OMFG i cant move

nicki - hahaa i cant tooo

knock knock S.B was outside ......'' So When you guys are done can i watch a film plzz its lk 11pm yoo

nicki - omg yes s.b drakes leaving now

drake and nicki walked out of the film booth in her house hand in hand s.b looked at drake and laughed haha

nicki and drake where standing at her front door '' thanks for my birthday present nic hahaha drake wrapped his hands around

 nickis waist '' no problem drizzy uh drake do you wanna stay here tonight in a diffrent room of course ahhaah grabbing

 drakes pants and bitting her lip '' oh i thought you would never ask girl drake picked her up kissing her he pushed her on

the cold door '' ochh thats so cold drake '' well i am the coldest rapper in the game nicki hahahaa '' your so cheesy take me

 to bed slave am so tired and we have a studio booked for tomorrow with wayne .. nicki jumped down and walked up the stairs

drake was still standing at the door in a trance ..'' earth to drizzy dammn i know am good at fucking but you dont need to be

in a trance .. '' what hahah drake ran after nicki up the stairs he caught her and picked her up and took her in her bedroom

ohh is this anyway to treat your girlfriend drake ???

'' so your my girlfriend now

'' if you want me

drake looked in her eyes i have never wanted something more in my life then you

nicki kissed drake so passionate ... come on my boyfriend am tierd drake and nicki went to bed has a couple finnaly

thanks for ready i am going to put a twist in the story i would love some help from you love you all !!

shoutout to -----------> Chantel_Nmx3 mwahh luv her !!

Saturday, 20 August 2011

Octobers Very Owns Birthday Sex

A Few Weeks had past and it was drake birthday and all the young money crew and his closest frineds were 
out to celebrate with drizzy ...but drake didnt know if nicki was going to come .or if she did would she bring a date there hadn't talked much since there fight

ring ring

forty - happy birtday my man love u bro
drake - ahah thanks bro do you think i should bring a date to my birthday ?
forty - fuck yeah show nicki that she shouldnt have left you i need to go see you soon in the club

drake sat on his bed and looked though his phone there were so many pic of him and nicki he went through his phone book he had a lot of girls ......ring ring hello '' tina its drake i was wondering if you wanna come to my birthday party tonight dress fly witch i know you will '' hahah woo hi to you to yeah i would love to come to your party drizzy i will meet you there .........

nicki pov

damn what should i wear '' nicki are you going to drakes party snl was on the phone ..'' yeah i am going its his birthday i cant no go and my family is there so i need to '' oh so hows you and drake then '' mm well we have talked a few times and you know he said he still wants to be with me and hes never giving up until i really mean  i dont want to be with him ...............there was a long pause '' nicki drakes bringing tina has his date ''

nickis heart stop '' oh yeah i know ( she didnt ) am bringing a guy to ''wooo who is he '' hes from my superbass video hes cute funny and damnnnnn fine haha see you soon bye mama ..nicki was sitting on the bed should i go ......fuck yeah i should go nicki went in her bathroom and put her black short dress on it was so short and red heels and walked out of her room to go meet her date

snl yo drake nicki is coming '' for real yess i knew she would '' well she not coming alone she coming with one of her dancers from the superbass vid '' oh thats cool ( drake was lying ) its up to her am just glad shes coming i need to go luv u bye ........

drake was waiting for tina to come and walk the red carpet with him but out of the corner of his eye he saw nicki and her date get out of the car she looked so good perfect was not the word at all the paps were going crazy '' NICKI IS THIS YOUR GUY NICKI NICKI LOOK THIS WAY !!! ......the guy she was with put his arms round her neck and she put her arm around his waist this looked so much more than a date to drake
nicki saw drake .. she gave him a shy smile and walked in the club tina had came she was looking good they walked the red carpet DRAKE IS THIS YOUR GUY WHERES NICKI he just smiled and walked in the club baby and wayne had done amazing the place looked like heaven there were lights gold everthing and lots of booze '' yo tina am going to say hi to people be back soon just go to the V.I.P if you want '' na am going to dance and i saw a few girlfriends ok ...........

drake - thanks so much wayne love you man the place looks shit hot aha
wayne - anything for my young money king yoo !!
drake - haha thanks man
wayne - you dont look that happy bro ??
drake - oh its just nicki came with a guy and she look pretty happy i dont wanna bother her
wayne - am going over to say hi i will say summit ok
drake - thanks wayne  ( they hugged and wayne walked over to nicki )

wayne - wheres my queen
nicki - wayneee !!!!!! ( nicki ran over and hugged him) i have missed you so much ahah
wayne - i know another person that misses you too
nicki - wayne .. i know he misses me he has a date and i dont wanna spoil his night
dave - nicki you wanna dance
nicki - sure i will see you later wayne

 nicki walked on the dance floor and her guy was so cute '' you look stunning  nicki '' aww thanks you do too it was a slow song so the moved to the beat dave put his hand around her waist and she grabbed his neck meanwhile drake watched all of this '' yo drake mabye its time you let this shit go forty said '' whatever man i havent talked to her yet so shut up ...when nicki and dave sat at there table he went to go get some drinks... this was a perfect time for drake to go see nicki

drake walked over

alica keys and drakes hit was playing where playing witch was nickis Favourite song drake had wrote it about her

drake- hi nic
nicki - happy birthday babe ( she stood up and kissed his cheek)
drake - thats all i get damn
nicki - hhaha its a bit to early in the night for..
drake - so you havent ruled it out drake winked
nicki - who said you haah
drake - ooo haha i forgot i have saw you man child friend
nicki - hahha drake shut up hes cute
drake - yeah if you stevie joke he looks gay he cant keep looking at me aha...have you missed me
nicki - mmmm lil bit
drake- dont lie i know when you lie cause u smile
nicki - hahah you look good babe
drake - not as good has you  you  you look so fuckable
nicki -hahahah glad i haven't lost it then ( nicki bit her lip and winked )

drake put his hands on nickis leg and run up her thigh

alicas and drakes song was playing so hard and everyone was in the groove

'' If you have something to say
   You should say it right now
   Drake whispered in nickis hear sung his line You should say it right now
  his voice was to die for nickis heart melted when he sung to her

''drake nicki tried to get from his grip 

Drake still sung in her ear : I deserve it, I think it deserve it..Let it go

drake stood up and sat next to nicki ..drake stood up and sat next to nicki drake.. licked her jaw '' mmm drake god thats good come on we cant.....'' who said nicki no one ..

dave - nicki heres your drink oh happy birthday 

nicki - oh thanks

drake - thanks man mm nicki i will see you later i hope ( drake walked away )

nicki - drakeee !! well mabye we could dance till the end of the song ? nicki smiled its that ok dave

dave - sure nicki i need to tell you something  am gay !

drake - hahahaah come on girl dance with a real mann!!.plzzz its my birthday !!! ..i told you he likes boys ahhaa

nicki - shut up you !....oh well your hot though haah thanks for being my date she kissed his cheek

dave - oh nicki drakes hot ahahaha

nicki - hahahah i know 

they walked on the dance floor and he sang along softly as he placed his free hand on her hip, pulling her close and attempting to do the simple steps of a waltz.

She giggled, rolling her eyes as she pushed him away.  she wrapped her arms around his neck,you so stupid drake'' i missed you ...''me too drake pulled her even close much did you miss me .......mmm drake more then ......................... ' 

like a hole in the head hahaah '' come on nicki ok you might have not missed me put you would have missed
mr drizzy pointing down to his pants and winked ......... the song finished thanks for the dance drizzy nicki grabbed his pants '' ohhhh thats my  early  birthday present licking his lips ..nicki walked off '' where you going i said only for this song drake ...........

wayne walked over to nicki '' hi babe listen where going to give drizzy his cake well i was thinking you would like it if you did i saw you guys dancing you cant tell me you guys are not fucking '' waynee ahha mm i dont know '' plzz nicki plzzzzzz plzzzzz '' GOD ok i will hahah i knew you would where going now come on 

baby wayne and the rest of young money took the stage 
yoooo shut up its drizzy birthday and we just want to say we are so proud of you bro you helped this ship to get sailing when i was locked up in hell so everyone join in a lets sing happy birthday to the king of hip hop
drake stood there laughing dieing to know what his cake was but thinking wheres nicki 

Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday Dear sexy drizzy happy
Happy Birthday to You. nicki came out in a shorter dress then what she was in singing  so seductive drake sat in the kings chair he was looking at nicki like she was the cake  

she walked over to him sat on his lap cake in hand  whispered in his ear '' happy birthday sexy i thing we could think of something i can give you tonight she licked his ear '' drake couldn't take it no more   ..nicki took some of the cakes icing on her finger and put it in her mouth ''mm you want some its sooo good drake '' mm yeahh nicki put the icing in drakes mouth and drake grabbed her whole hand and put her finger back in his mouth and licked her whole finger ......mmmmm its better than the cake 

wayne KISS HER KISS HER KISS HER before you knew it the whole club was chanting kiss her 

drake what you say nic it is my birthday ! drake winked nick grabbed drake face and kissed him the whole club was cheeringg yehahhhh get her drake wayne said ahhaah

drake didnt care that everyone was watching them he picked her up so she was straddling him and kissed her so deep the tongues were dancing to the beat mmm drake .. drake put his hands on her ass 

"noooo nicki pushed his hands down and stood up lets go to the V.I.P and make out in private ! ahah .....drake held nicki's hand and laughed..

In The V.I.P 

"drake sit down then ...nicki walked over and sat on drakes lap .." how much have you missed me drake???......." you have no idea girl i have been so horny ahhahaah ." oh is that it great...." no no babe i have missed the lil things like waking up you and giving u kisses and making you ...." mmmmmmm nicki stuck her tongue in drakes mouth .."making me what....................." cum "........" well i have missed that drizzy ! ...he grabbed nicki's face and deepened her kiss even more god i have missed these lips drake

drake come its your party and you in here with nicki kissing the fuck out of her come on least take her around and meet some of your guests 40 was standing in the door way dude come on......" am coming man damnn you going to come nicki..." well i dont know .................." i will still talk dirty for you ...ahah ................................"ok then drake grabbed nicki's hand when they walked out everyone clapped and cheered ...........

" nicki you look amazing drakes mom was so happy to see her maybe she didnt see the kissing or the dry humping ...." aww thanks mama you look so good to i bet your so proud of drake he is amazing ......." he is only amazing and happy when he's with you...awww drake came over " aww my 2 amazing girls talking how amazing ......drake mom was talking to nicki and a few people .......drake was standing behind her he kept pressing himself against nicki's ass and dry humped her when his mom wasn't llooking and whispering sweet nothings in her ear....then he said " you said you missed my lips right???..." yeah i did ..." well i have missed.....your lips..and not the ones on your going to make them very wet  tonight." i know u wanna ride the express train........ HAHAHAHAH nicki burst out laughing .." whats so funny nicki drakes mom said..." nothing ..the convo was now  drake talking to his mom .....nicki wanted her own she said to drake "

Friday, 19 August 2011

It Aint Over Till Its Over !

Drake Was sitting in shock ....''drake .... drake DRAKE !!!! '' WHAT !!!!!!! drake shouted.... Serena

 up to drake and pulled on his hand come on you need some love .....'' NO ! serena dont you get it i dont

want you i have never wanted to you ! we are friends and thats it .. serena was so sad she thought drake liked her ..''so what about nicki ??.......drake !!!

listen i gotta go i need to see nicki before she leaves and goes back to LA i have waited to long and fought to

hard for her love and just when the time was right i go fuck it up ....omg i get it now what fool i am even when

i was at your house and in the lift you weren't trying to pick nicki up you where kissing her i am a fucking fool

drake .......'' haha your not listen your a cool girl i really like hanging out with you ..but nicki.....drake put his

hands in his head .serena finished his sentence off .. shes the one ? yeah she is .dont get me wrong she drives me crazy she is so evil sometimes but i cant stop thinking about her with other her then .. what ? well

you you want her but your sitting her doing nothing about it ring her before she goes ......OK na am going to

see her i cant talk over the phone drake ran out jumped in his car and raced to his house before nicki was gone

he pulled up and nicki was just leaving the door '' nickii drake ran so fast ''drake i have nothing to say

......''well i have millions plzz nicki 5 mins thats all i ask nicki stepped out of her car and sat on the front door

step '' talk i have a 5.11pm plane to LA to catch and i dont want to hear about you and the man fucking       thanks

drake- wow you know what i never thought you could be like this nic

nicki - like what drake a human  ?

drake - heartless jealous nasty  you know what ...drake kissed her cheek where cool just friends i will see you

 at my birthday party in a few weeks if your coming bring a guest if you want

nicki - what the fuck drake just like that 3 weeks and thats it ?

drake - yeah you know am sick of spilling my heart out to you and getting nothing back yeh you can call

serena but damn she listens to every word i say drake sat nicki felt so bad she stood up and sat on drakes lap

''listen drake it would be better if we dated other people and if we haven't got over each other by your party

then we know were meant to be .. we need time apart '' ok haah nicki you get jealous over Serena Williams or any girl i am with so thats not going to help

for fuck sake ... well you get jealous of every guy i talk to ...thats the deal ok she kissed him on the lips so soft drake grabbed her face and made the kiss last longer then it should '' plz dont go nic plzz  now both crying i have to drake am so sorry love you you too

nicki was crying so hard when you got in her range rover she shouted airport plzz drake ran over plz nicki . i love you ......the car was to fast for drake to keep up with he fell the ground ....

what should happen next guys  i think drakes party is the next chapter am doing now >????

Thursday, 18 August 2011

DAMN !!!!!!

''ring ring helloo '' hi drake its serena i was wondering do you want to come and play tennis '' mmm yeah sure i was going to go to the studio with nic '' nickis still there she can come if she wants but am not going to play easy on her '' ahha ok see you soon bye ..

nicki- who was that ??
drake - serena she asked if we want to play tennis at her house i said yeh
nicki - oh great ( nicki was pissed she knew serena liked drake )

serenas house

knock knock

serena '' HEYYY !! drake she hugged him tight '' hi nicki wow your show was so good '' oh thanks glad you liked it '' well you know i did nicki drake winked at nicki '' so you ready to play '' yeh sure nicki was wearing such a short skirt and a tight top drakes couldn't stop stairing at her they were on the tennis court drake was standing just watching nicki she was so good at tennis '' damnnn nicki i didnt know you could play '' you dont know every thing about me boy '' so nicki its drakes turn serena hissed nicki walked off and drake tried to smack her ass but she ran '' damn girl i will .......'' drake lets go serena shouted

nicki sat down she knew that she was getting to serena and drake was hers

drake - damn i cant hit this shit today my arms hurting from fu...
serena - from fu.... whatt ???
drake - i was going to say from the fucking pan i was cooking breakfast  i burnt it !

nicki was laughing so hard she knew what drake did he burnt his hand on the pan when they were having sex in the kicthen

nicki went to the bathroom and was listenig out of the window overhearing drakes convo with serena

serena - so you and nicki are you guys you know ?
drake - no were not were friends you know
serena - oh well i was thinking you could come for dinner tonight and maybe dessert  she winked
drake - mm thats sounds great but ... but nic
serena - you said you guys are not an item ok she can come but i want you to stay with me

nicki heard all of this and was so upset that she would do that to her and she knew drake was put in an  situation where he couldnt say no to that man !!

nicki returend to the tennis court she acted like nothing was a matter '' nicki come here drake slapped his lap she really wanted to go sit on him but she was going to play hard to get '' na am ok ... drake looked sad when she said that '' hmm nicki serena wants us to come to dinner tonight you wanna go ??? '' i dont know drake this guys in town i want to see so i dont know what my plans are yet ........ drake was thinking who the fucks this guyy !!

nicki - well am going home need to get ready drake you coming if not i need your keys to get my stuff
drake - why ??
nicki - am going to stay at a hotel for the rest of this trip i feel like am getting in the way alot

In Drakes car it was so quite non of them wanted to start the convo off becasue they knew it would turn into world war 3

Drake house

drake - soooo whos this guy where does he live so i can go kill himm !
nicki - wooo you jealous drake ??
drake -hmm yehhH!!

nicki was packing her stuff '' hears me thinking we were going somewhere with this but know when i another girl calls drake cant keep his dick in his pants !! '' nicki thats not true drake wrapped his hands around her '' drake get off me !! i cant even look at your face right now !!! drake wouldnt let go ''' you know i only have eyes for you even when we were at serenas playing she knew that i liked you '' well she wants to fuck you so there have a nice dinner bye !! nicki walked out of his house drake was so shocked nicki acted like this



Tuesday, 16 August 2011


the next day drake woke up but nicki was not in the bed with him......she was making him some food in the kitchen 

"Good morning,sexy " drake winks, 

The aroma of nickis famous "melt-in-your-mouth" pancakes, hash browns from scratch, and scrambled eggs, wafts through the house she had made this before when young money was on tour.. Now fully awake, drake stands in the doorway to the kitchen, fascinated by her breakfast wizardry,  "You seem quite happy this morning," nicki merely blows him a kiss and walks slowly toward the kitchen table. "Who wouldn't be after last night?" drake winks, hopping up onto the  kitchen table with her legs dangling playfully over the edge. drake gives her the familiar once-over gaze, raising an eyebrow and admiring the way of  his dress shirt falls loosely about the exquisite curves of her body.

nicki jumped of the table and walked over to drake and licked his lips '' mmmmm you taste great she said ....'' oh yeah come here .. drake grabbed nicki she put her legs tight around his waist there were kissing  so passionate '' hm drake your food ..''your my food nicki ' haha get off me now nicki jumped down from drake and went back over to the bench 

nicki - oh yeah shout out to big drizzy too nicki winked aahah

drake looked down at his pants and slowly stood and walked over to nicki 

"Dear, you shouldn't tease me," he whispers, stepping between her spread legs. nicki lifts her head, licks her lips slowly and whispers, "Who says I'm teasing? drizzy its the truth " as she gently moves to nibble on his earlobe while placing her hands on his shoulder and wrapping her legs around his hips. With one fluid sweeping motion of his forearm, drake clears the kitchen table of everything but nickis hot heated body; broken dishes and scattered utensils litter the floor
'' drake hahah what you doing'' dont worry babe i have a maid ''
the fabric of drakes boxers begins to stroke the inside of nickis thigh at the point of his now rigid erection. "Oh god, Drake," she moans, ohh yehhh drizzyyyyyy

He feels the moistness of her center every time the tip of his cock slides forward to dip into her sex. The intermittent grazes upon her sex by his cock drive nicki  into a frenzy. She pleads softly in his ear, "I need you inside me,"babee 

 nicki  is very wet and arches her back as Drake cock slides easily inside her. His entire body tenses as the sensation of her burning sex surges through him. For a brief moment they both sit there, enjoying the feeling of being connected in both mind and body. nicki wiggles a bit, causing Doug's cock to gently stroke the walls of her sex. She tightens her legs around his waist as he begins to slowly pull out and drive home. His motion begins to quicken. The table begins to squeak beneath their coupled bodies, Ashley pushing her hips forward to meet his thrusts, which are now coming hard and fast.

Combined with the trembling of the table, Drake's cock sliding back and forth across nicki's sensitive clit is becoming more than she can bear. Her moans become louder and louder as she rapidly approaches her impending climax. ooohhhhh fuckk drakeeeeee oooooo moree babbyy

as he continues to pound away into her; pushing and burying his cock in the depths of her sex with each pistoning movement. "Yes! Yes! drizzyy fuckin drakeeeeee " she screams, clinching her hands to his shoulders, her head thrown back in reckless abandon. As he slides out nearly completely, the friction stirred in her loins against her clit is finally overwhelming and she shudders uncontrollably as the orgasm overtakes her.A few strokes later and Drake's eyes nearly roll out of his head with the contractions of his climax.drake relaxes; leans over the kitchen table with nicki clutched tightly to his body beneath him. He begins to place soft kisses along her face and brow; both of them breathing heavily. With an impish grin on her face, nicki looks around and toward the floor asking, "So, who's going to clean up this mess?" Drake turns to look at the disheveled kitchen scene and shrugs. "Are you still hungry? 

nicki - no am full ahhahaha ! 
drake - were going to the studio today babe
nicki - yeh sure i need to lay down the track for your take care album
drake - you look so dirty you need a shower 
nicki - thanks so do you you dirty evil boyy !
drake - so glad you stayed and didnt go back to la babe
nicki - well i might stay for longer if you '' show me a good time '' singing drizzy lyrics

drake ran towards nicki '' ahhhhhh hahhaha get of me drake !!! now !!!
'' no am taking you in the shower '' ooooo in  what way nicki joked 

this was going to be a fun day !!! 

Monday, 15 August 2011


Nicki And drake wasted no time ....they left the show and headed straight for drizzy house they were kissing in the car nicki was so horny and she wanted drake he was so sexy tonight 

nicki -- mmmmm drake your so sexy 
drake - no you are he pulled her on his lap and kissed her deep and hard 

when they arrived at drake penthouse ....nicki was undressed bye the time he got her on his bed

Amused at nickis her growing hunger and slight frustration, drake begins kissing her legs and thighs again, purposefully avoiding any other contact and knowing she will start swaying her hips, luring him in. He savors this moment of control and enjoys the hunger in her eyes, knowing that there is nothing else but this moment on her mind.

Gently he again strokes her and presses two fingers inside of her. Nothing is better than feeling her entire body tremble from his touch . Then when nicki is just about to go insane drake lowers his lips to her and softly runs his tongue over her. The trembling becomes stronger and her sighs very audible, his tongue now gently licking and swirling. Her hand reaches for his free one and she squeezes it so hard drake winces. When he knows she is almost at the edge he flicks his tongue a little faster. Her entire body shudders, and he can feel her tighten around his fingers inside of her. His hand is now crushed in hers as it waves over her entire body.
With a smug grin drake moves over her and plants a very deep wet kiss on her lips. Reaching for him she lets her hands roam over his body. She lets out a loud gasp as she takes him into her hand and slowly but with urgency strokes him. Her mind is swimming with thoughts of how much she wants him inside of her. While kissing his lips hard and teasing his tongue with hers, she continues stroking drake hard
She whispers into his ear, "Ohhhhhh, I just have to taste you!" your my king drizzy and slowly she moves down his body. nicki letsher hands run over his thighs while kissing his neck and chest, still teasing him. Feeling his body become tense with anticipation she reaches the waistband of his boxers '' fuck nicki your the bestt..... nicks not so gently tugs them off, knowing that she no longer needs to worry about whether that will offend him or not. Knowing he wants them off and her mouth on him. Now!
Reaching for drakw she can't help but moan at the sight of him. Knowing full well he wants nothing more than to feel her just take him entirely into her mouth, she hesitates for a moment and decides to not tease and do just that! Her reward is a deep moan from him. She knows she has made the right choice. It is so exquisite the way it feels to run your tongue over a man when he is this aroused, to lick and suck and taste him, to fight the urge to completely devour him, the great ego rush when he starts throbbing at the brink of exploding in your mouth. To then stop and wait until his breathing slows down and the throbbing isn't so intense only to take him there again, wishing he'd just beg you to let him cum in your mouth.''mmmmmmmmm drake u taste so good
All this thinking is driving her crazy. Feeling him tremble and knowing one more deep plunge and he's not going to be able to hold back, she stops. She has to feel that inside of her, to feel him clutch her body to him as he pushes himself deep within her. Sitting he pulls her onto his lap. Slowly she takes him inside of her, moaning and kissing him hard and feeling him so deep inside it almost hurts. It’s awkward at first to get a good rhythm, but when it happens her body instantly begins to tremble, his strong hands on her hips guiding her, her arms wrapped around him with her breasts rubbing against his chest. '' fuckk nickii ...
Softly she murmurs, "I love you" into his ear. Her mind empty of thoughts other than the intensity of how much she wants to fulfill him.and how long they have been wanting this . Arching into him as she feels his hands moving up her back, then massaging her breasts. She urges her body to move faster over his and the trembling in her legs increases each time he strokes her inside. She can't concentrate on kissing him. Moaning softly as she feels it building inside of her, feeling him throbbing and knowing he is desperately trying to hold back and wait for her.
Then it hits, her entire body shuddering, his moans in her ear as he can finally let go. Feeling him push deep inside and his hands crush her body to his, loving the feeling of him shudder with each thrust into her as it passes over him. Then finally their eyes meeting, a wild look on each of their faces from the passion and their lips meeting for a long loving kiss. He brushes the hair from her face and whispers, "I love you too."
They snuggle up on the blanket on drakes bed. "Do you think we should just sleep here tonight?" she whispers sleepily, her head resting on his chest.'' nicki i want you to sleep here every night drake kissed her so sweet on her lips'' well you know i have one more show 2 morro and i would love to lapdance that body again ahha '' mmmmm nicki i love drake and nicki went all night kissing and having there moment 4 life 

Hes Nickis Man You No That He Knows That And She Knows Too

nicki was getting ready to go on stage she knew she need to blow this one out of the park ( PAUSE )

Drake ran backstage '' drake what you doing here wheres serena ? ' shhh nicki haah am doing moment 4 life with you ok drake picked her up kissed her kill it babe smacked her ass '' ooo drake i like when you do that haha 

Nicki Came Out The crowd was going nuts shouting they love her and want to marry her know one knew drake was there well serena did nicki saw her she was right at the front of the crowd 

nicki started Moment 4 life ........................... wish that I could have this moment 4 life4 life, 4 lifeThis is my moment, I just feel so alive Alive, alive drakes part was coming up everyone held there breathe for drizzy was he going to come out ??

What I tell 'em ho's bow, bow, bow to me, drop down to ya kneesYoung Money the Mafia that's word to Lil CaesI'm in the Dominican, Big Papi Ortiz Doin' target practice, all these bitches just aimin' to please..
Fuck it, me and Nicki-Nick gettin' married today And now you bitches that be hatin' can catch a bouquet,

 ooh everyone was going wild drake came behind nicki and put his arms around her neck she sung her final part 

''This is my moment, I waited all my lifeI can tell it's time Driftin' away, I'm one with the sunsetI have become alive'' nicki put her all in to that song the crowd were going wild
]he hugged her so tight and didnt want to let go ............ 

crowd - DRAKEEE !!!!!!!!!!
NICKI - DRIZZYYYYY i love youu !!

drake was walking up the stage and he said to the dancers '' you all look beautiful tonight ...'but nicki you look the best ahaah !!!

drake wanted to watch nicki do superbass ....

This one is for the boys with the booming system
Top down, AC with the cooling system
When he come up in the club, he be blazin' up
Got stacks on deck like he savin' up...............................

one of the dancers came backstage grabbed drizzy and brought him out drake sat on the chair nicki was making her way up the stage ....drake was so turned on by her .......... she came right up to him 

I need you in my life for  me to stay   Nicki started to straddle drake

he wanted her right they bitting his lip

No, no,  no, no I know you'll stay

No, no,  no, no don't go away

Boy you got my heartbeat runnin' away  nicki was booty popping drake wanted to smack it she was beyond sexy

drake was so turned on ( BONNER ) HAHA 

Don't you hear that heartbeat comin' your way
Oh it be like, boom, badoom, boom, boom, badoom, boom,
Can't you hear that boom, badoom, boom, boom, bassSSSSSSSS

THEN nicki sat on drakes lap ass first .........she had never done this before  drake was living his dream tonight and he wanted to take her right there and now on that stage she hugged drake so tight ...... he kissed her so deep it was his dream he loved her so much ... drake said '' nicki i fuckin love you !!

nicki stood up and started to dance she had missed her man 

meanwhile if anyone cares serena had left early nicki wondered why ??

'' I LOVE YOU DRAKE they walked hand and hand backstage 

drake - come here girl ...grabs nicki and kisses her full on tongue and spit 
nicki - mmmmmmmm drake hehe stop before
drake - i dont care anymore  i need you nicki
nicki - ohh yeah how bad you need me 
drake - like i wanna fuck you know right here haha
nicki - ooo your so dirty drake you never no 

drake still wanted to get at her but nicki didnt want no one to see so he picked her up and took her to the backstage of limits area  ''aaaaaaa help rapist alert ahaha '' shhhh nicki ... nicki was just going with the flow she knew drake wanted her but damn he was like an animal and nicki liked it .......

Their kisses become a little more probing, and less shy. drakes hands now moving over her shoulders and pushing the thin straps of her tank top aside. Moaning she lets her head fall back as he starts trailing kisses down her neck and across her shoulders. Her body reacting to every kiss and caress. Their breathing becoming a little more rapid. nicki enjoys the feeling what drakes giving to her

Kiss me!!" nicki gasps, caught up in the electric current running through her body, wanting to taste his lips,
He crushes his lips to hers with such intensity that she can hardly stifle the gasp. She runs her hands over his hips to the waist of his shorts where she finds the button and starts to starts to tease him with her hand. With every kiss he presses into her she can feel how incredibly turned on he is. She slowly runs her hand over the front of his pants and is rewarded with a soft groan. She seductively teases him longer, wanting to make him ache for her even more. He buries his face into her neck as he waits, hoping she’ll open up those pants and slide her hand inside them. Turning her head she whispers into his ear.............lets go to your place drake

"Oh please!" drake begs 

"Mmm, be patient" drizzy nicki teases as her fingers drift along the edge of her black panties. There is no hiding how much she wants him..........and when she goes to drakes house she going to get all of him